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Dawson Merrick

During Dawson’s brief fight with leukemia (story can be found here: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/dawsonmerrick) and eventual passing, the amazing community of friends surrounded Donn, Audra, and Delaney with overwhelming love and support. After Dawson’s passing, The Dawson Merrick Children’s Foundation (TDMCF) was founded by Dawson’s family and friends to primarily help Dawson’s sister, his friends, and her friends to remember Dawson while helping families of kids going through similar struggles. To pay it forward! TDMCF also advocates for kids and their families experiencing any kind of tragedy.

The Dawson Merrick Children’s Foundation

The Mission

The Dawson Merrick Children’s Foundation (TDMCF) is a non-profit foundation designed to help provide financial support to families with children affected by childhood leukemia, other critical diseases, or tragic events. The foundation raises funds through donations, fundraising events, charitable gifts, and grants. Our mission is to give limited financial support to families during very trying times, and to raise awareness about childhood leukemia. Anyone who knew Dawson knows he would want to help everyone! The Dawson Merrick Children’s Foundation will carry his love and perseverance through everything it does.

Board of Directors

John, Rebecca, Drew, & Alyssa Fockler

Mark, Kerri, Todd, & Ty Furr

Matt, Lori, Bryce, & Blake Wright

Vic, Kim, Hayden, Matthew, & Cassidy Westling

Donn, Audra, & Delaney Merrick



The Dawson Merrick Children’s Foundation Wiffle Ball Tourney is held every year in December, indoors, in Flagstaff, AZ. Teams young and old from all over compete for The “6” Cup.
Come be a part of something special show your support for The Dawson Merrick Children's Foundation.

When: Saturday, December 6th

Where: Sinagua Middle School

Cost: $25 per person


The backstory

Why the #6? 

During the Summer of 2007, Dawson is playing little league for the Diamondbacks(who else, right?). Every opening day Continental Little League has the kids line up by team and as they get to home plate, they get to say their name and number or whatever into the microphone. Coach Donn and Coach Matt try to get any of the kids to say this little saying when it’s their turn. The whole team goes and nobody says it. So, the next season(2008), Dawson is 8 years old, we are again the Diamondbacks and Coach Matt is working on the kids to say this. He even offers $20 to whoever says it.

There are over 300 kids in the league so on opening day, the stands are packed with families. It’s the Diamondbacks turn to go to the microphone. Dawson tells Coach Matt it will cost him an ice cream if he says it, instead of $20. Dawson is the last Diamondback to go to the microphone. There are 4 pictures…he’s last in line remember, then, the last 2 are as he is saying this and one after. His grin tells it all as well as the coaches cracking up over what just happened! Here’s what Dawson said…

“Dawson Merrick, number 6 in your program, number 1 in your heart!” Pretty cool, huh?
That’s where the saying on the shirts and the #6 came from.

Your gift today can help a child in need.


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Financial support for families with children affected by childhood leukemia, other critical diseases, or tragic events. info@tdmcf.org

The Dawson Merrick Children's Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. You can verify our 501(c)(3) status as a public charity on the IRS website, here.